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Steven J. Block, M.D., Lodi Heart Center

Lodi, CA 

My experience with Robin Singh was exceptionally positive. His extensive access to contacts provided an impressive base from which potential buyers could be introduced to the property that was for sale. He was always available for my questions and his communication with me for updates was outstanding. It was a highly positive experience in every aspect of the services he provided.

For lease or for purchase?
Senior Associate
Lincoln Property Company
Specializing in Commercial Real Estate
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Commercial Real Estate

Agent Bio

Robin's journey to Commercial Real Estate was very unorthodox.  He was raised throughout five different states (TX, IN, NC, OR, and CA). Moving around over the years helped mold him into the professional he is today and each state provided an enriching experience. He holds a Master's Degree in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California. After graduating at the end of 2013, Robin moved from the LA area out to Orange County and began working in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry (Clinipace Worldwide, Medtronic, and INC Research) while pursuing Medical/Dental School. After having an introspective moment in 2015, he self-initiated a journey towards real estate and instantly became hooked.  Robin enjoys guiding clients throughout the entire process of the deal and takes pride in forming a long lasting business relationship. Nothing makes him happier than to see the smile on a client's face after their needs are fully addressed.

In his spare time, Robin is also a Leadership Board Member for the American Lung Association, a cause he has been passionate about since 2013. 

He is also very passionate about writing, fitness, traveling, and constantly improving on a personal and professional level. View his Amazon e-book titled Peace of Mind: Your Most Precious Asset.